Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

This has to be one of Surrey’s best-kept secret gardens, where art and nature come together in perfect harmony.   Celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, created by Hannah Peschar and her landscape designer husband, Anthony Paul.  It was not only where they lived but every summer it transforms into an outdoor gallery, featuring an inspiring collection of art set within a magical woodland.  In fact, it was one of the very first sculpture gardens in the UK, setting a trend that has grown over the years.

Hannah sadly died back in 2021 but her wonderful legacy continues, Anthony now works together with art curator Vikki Needham.  This year they have gathered the work of more than sixty artists, celebrating many different mediums from wood, stone and glass to ceramic, resin and even bicycle bells! 

A date that is always firmly in my diary, attending the private view and discovering the new collection.  I am always amazed by how the works are so cleverly sited, with literally hundreds of pieces on view and yet at any one time you only see one or two pieces.   In 2022 an indoor gallery was opened and so now there are also pieces of art that are intended for display inside.  If you have never discovered this special place in Surrey, I urge you to seek it out, enjoy wandering in the watery woodlands and marvel at the wonderful works of art, but above all remember the amazing woman who created this place – Hannah Peschar. 

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Annie Guilfoyle