Under pressure

We’re under more pressure than usual to get the garden looking nice due to an upcoming photoshoot at the end of the month.  Looking at pictures from this time last year the growth is seriously behind but on the other hand recent rain and the slowly improving night time temperatures are giving the weeds a real boost.

We’ve been trying to get onto the weeding in the long shrub border for quite a time now and eventually put it at the front of our list this week.  Luckily we still have room in amongst the shrubs to walk through and hoe; not quite as effective as a hands and knees job but certainly quicker.  Most were annual weeds anyway so we don’t expect to have to revisit the area for a while. 

A job that was carried out at ground level was the edging of the flower borders.  We have brick edging so it was a case of employing the hori-hori knife to remove weeds and encroaching grass from the cracks in between.  It’s an annual job that once done has such a remarkable effect on the overall look of the garden.

Under pressure in other ways was the washing of the patio outside the boot room door.  Fun as pressure washing is with its instant results we have to be very careful not to blow out the pointing from between the slabs.

With the washer still turned on we gave the table and chairs a similar treatment.  What a transformation!  A quick dry in the sun and wind and they were all looking as good as new.  Now, with a few more weeks before the photoshoot can someone tell the weeds to stop growing!