Perfect Day

With beautiful bright conditions in the Genus garden we spent some time in the greenhouse sowing a selection of seeds.  One of them, canary creeper, is an annual climber related to Nasturtium and something we haven’t grown for many years so we’re looking forward to seeing its enthusiastic sprawling through the borders and over the walls.  We also sowed cucumber 'Masterpiece' and a beautiful dark sunflower ‘Black Magic’.  A tray of welsh poppies that were sown before Christmas were pricked out into individual cells, and we took a few root cuttings of the sea holly Eryngium planum.

Outside in the vegetable garden we sowed several rows of mixed salad, and further rows of ‘Lollo Rossa’ and the oak leaved ‘Catalogna’.

The real excitement of the day however was directed towards our woodland garden where our stunning dog toothed violet, Erythronium ‘Pagoda’ (pictured) was in full flower, its lemon yellow blooms with reflexed petals at the absolute height of floral perfection.  Nestled amongst the dogwoods, ferns, and Anemone we decided there and then to add more of these stunning bulbous perennials to our ever expanding shopping list.  With the grass cut, the vegetable beds weeded, and the sun shining, we felt like it had been an absolutely perfect day to be in the garden.