Gold rush

Two years ago we planted several hundred crocus bulbs in the area of the Genus garden that we call Cherry Tree Corner.  They’ve performed well and each plant has slowly multiplied underground and is now producing several flowers to each bulb.

As a wild flower they range widely from China and the Middle East to the Mediterranean and the high elevations of the Alpine Tundra.  This adaptability makes them a popular and ideal garden plant.  They can be planted in pots, rockeries, meadows and flower beds and easily survive harsh British winters, whether wet or dry.

Saffron is famously produced from the Crocus sativus plant, its stamens picked by hand and dried to produce a spice that is more expensive than gold by weight.  We’ve yet to try growing our own saffron at Genus HQ but it can be easily done in the British climate either in pots or in the ground.  Several rows can be added to your vegetable beds.  Just remember you’ll need 50 bulbs to produce one gram of saffron.  Plus of course the patience to hand pick those tiny threads of gold.