Enjoying the colour

Some time was spent in the flower garden this week dealing with plants knocked by the previous week's rain and wind.  Tidied up and staked where necessary, we managed to create space for smaller plants just coming through and made room for our annuals to be planted out.  Cosmos, Tithonia, sunflower, and Ricinus were dotted throughout the borders and larger gaps were planted with dahlias.

The shrub border on the northern side of the garden has experienced a boom in weed growth so it was a hands and knees approach to carry out a thorough job.

Roses, clematis and honeysuckle on the cottage walls were all pruned where needed and tied in to prevent the flowers and stems from thrashing around against the walls and windows in the wind.  The clematis on the rose arch required tying in and pruning and a number of dead branches of the rose itself were cut out at the base.  After the lawns were cut it was time for a cup of tea, and at last we could enjoy the really exceptional colours we have this year.

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