Veg and recipe - green tomato salsa

Green tomatoes aren’t as sweet as red tomatoes, but they are safe to eat both raw in salads or sandwiches or cooked in sauces.  They have a tart taste and crunchy flavour and make a nice change to red tomatoes.

This green tomato salsa is an excellent way of using up any excess green tomatoes.

Chop up around a pound of green tomatoes into small pieces.  Next, peel and finely chop a few shallots or a few tablespoons of grated onion and several crushed garlic cloves and add them to the tomato.

Finely chop a chilli, scraping out the seeds if you prefer less heat.  Add several tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice and the same of olive oil and a handful of chopped coriander leaves and stalks, then season with salt and pepper.

This makes a great starter served with tortilla or as a side dish for any Mexican meal such as tacos or fajitas.  It goes perfectly with guacamole, or add some chunks of avocado into the salsa to make a fabulous combination of soft and crunchy!