Here we go again!

David sent in this blogpost and won a pair of waterproof gardening gloves.

As I set off to pick my way as carefully I can past the drifts of rudbeckia, which is starting to go over, and trying not to spoil the aster my aim is to get to the Echinops.  It’s a challenge that I faced last year and the year before.  I love the colours and the swaying of the taller plants but they are prone to collapsing in heavy rain.  So each year I make the same two promises to myself.  Here they are - “I promise to stake up the taller plants before they get as tall as they have done. and “I promise to control the spread of some of the more vigorous plants”.  There you go - let’s see if I remember before next year.
Anyway, I have managed to get away with it again and I hope, like me, the vibrant yellows make you smile.