Gardening and the five senses

Gardening is renowned for its therapeutic benefits, helping you to feel more relaxed, alleviating symptoms of stress and depression and allowing you to enjoy nature. In Japan, gardens are designed specifically to delight each of your five senses, and we think it's possible to engage all of the senses in your garden at home, too.


What could be more beautiful than a garden filled with brightly coloured flowers? Colour can uplift you, instil calm and boost your mood. Coloured fish such as Koi can also add visual appeal to a stunning, colourful garden.


Cottage gardens have a wonderful heady aroma of French Lavender and the subtle aroma of violets. Aromatic herbs such as rosemary and mint create a fresh scent that appeals to your sense of smell and can help you to unwind.


Whether you love the sound of birds singing, find gentle chimes soothing or like to listen to running water, you can add all of these to your garden. Even the rustling of grass and crunch of gravel is refreshing and invigorating.


Growing your own vegetables, planting a fruit tree or starting your own herb garden enables you to enjoy produce fresh from your own back yard – delicious and healthy! Add Nasturtiums to salads or consider a bay or nut tree.


The feel of velvety leaves and feathery fern fronds can bring back memories of childhood – gardening is such a tactile experience. Even the feel of different textured surfaces underfoot such as soft grass and crunchy gravel awakens your sense of touch.