Garden trends - fashionable black features

From seating and planters to fences and walls, black looks stylish in the garden.  It’s also versatile, working in both contemporary and traditional settings.  Here are three ways to use it:

As a backdrop: As a wall or fence colour, black has the dual function of helping boundaries ‘disappear,’ into the background while also flattering green foliage and making colours such as purple and blue shine out.  Black is also an excellent shade for painting sheds, helping them blend into the landscape.  Those with children might also like the idea of a black chalkboard wall - attractive, fun and functional.

As a focal point or feature: Black focal points also work well - a shiny black marble sculpture or gorgeous black urn for example adds glamour, attracting the eye but not in too obvious a way.  Black pergolas or planters also look elegant and complement planting, without standing out too much.  Water in ponds looks inky dark and deep if the interiors are painted black, or by using black dye, creating a mirror effect that reflects the sky and plants - stunning.

As furniture detail: Garden chairs, sofas and tables that are entirely black or have black detail are another way of introducing this classy colour to your outdoor space.  Black is a bold hue, so as with all black elements in the garden, it’s important to balance it with other colours so as not overwhelm.  Black furniture could be harmonised with other moody hues, softened with paler pastel shades or contrasted with white for a monochrome look.