Simple Division

With the recent wind and rain we’ve been holding back a few tasks that we could do if things got just too tempestuous to carry on working outside.  Thursday was just such a day where an hour or two would see the worst of the rain pass, and we could get into the greenhouse and pot up some perennials that had been bursting out of the borders.

We’d already removed them from the ground some months before and they were ready and waiting to be potted on.  Rudbeckia were easily teased by hand into individual plants but the hemerocallis required a sharp kitchen knife to cut their fleshy roots into manageable pieces each with a developing shoot.

An hour later and we had about 20 new plants that we could grow on and add to gaps in the summer borders.  The remainder will be donated to a local charity that plant up and maintain the pots and troughs of our local town.