Net Result

This week we started to  replace the netting on our much loved and productive fruit cage.  Stage one was carried out several weeks ago when a mistake was rectified and we removed what turned out to be a rather enthusiastic cherry tree - its branches having grown through the netting making pruning virtually impossible.


Holes in the netting were also allowing birds to fly in who not only borrowed some of our fruit but often found it hard to then find an exit.


Rather like peeling a stubborn satsuma the roof was eased off bit by bit leaving us covered in lichen smeared clothing.  With the ties snipped the side wall came away in one long section easily rolled up and saved for future projects.


Other garden jobs distracted us from installing the new netting but it’s waiting in the shed for a wind free day when we’ll be able to safely put it up and the birds can find an alternative source for their summer pudding.