Jobs a'plenty

We spent some valuable time walking around the garden this week looking at jobs to do and making decisions on some shrubs that needed moving.

Three philadelphus have been struggling to put on any growth with competition under the canopy of one of our small copses.  Dug up with a good ball of soil on the roots they were moved to the shrub border on the northern side of the garden where they’ll get the space and light they need.  While there we cut our two golden leycesteria down to the ground; signs of new fresh growth already evident.

The pond has become choked with some very successful water soldiers and we removed about 80 percent of them allowing more light to penetrate the depths.  Finally a job that for us really announces the arrival of spring; we cut back the miscanthus in the south border clearing and mulching the area with the remains of our compost.

A busy day, and we’d barely scratched the surface of what we’d intended on doing. Who says there’s nothing to do this time of year?