Greenhouse duties

Our tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers that were moved into 2 litre pots just a few weeks ago have enjoyed the warm conditions that the greenhouse affords, putting on impressive growth both above and below the surface.  To prevent a check in their enthusiasm we potted them on into large 12 litre containers that will be their permanent home for the rest of the summer.  Lined up along one side of the greenhouse, we attached a cane to each pot enabling us to tie-in the plants as they grow. 

While in the greenhouse we sowed sweet basil and red basil into 1 litre pots, always leaving the sowing of basil until now; earlier sowings simply sulk with poor germination due to the cold and low light conditions. 

Outside in the veg garden we continued to sow salads with 'cut and come again' lettuce mixes, rocket, mizuna, and parsley. A few gaps that had appeared in the french bean rows were filled-in with a fresh sowing and netted with enviromesh, as we suspect something has been having a free lunch at our expense. 

A few weeks ago we obtained three small plants of the sea holly Eryngium planum.  Wanting rather more of these beautiful plants we managed to take about a dozen small root cuttings placing them in gritty compost in a two litre pot.  We’re very happy to report that they have all come up throwing up green leaves and putting out plenty of roots.  In a few weeks time we’ll move them all into individual pots before planting them out in the borders this autumn.  Oh, how we love free plants!!