Cold work

It’s not often that work in the Genus garden grinds to a halt but the recent cold snap and deep snow did just that.  With a few mulching projects and some planting still needed we were prevented from getting on and had to look elsewhere for some light gardening therapy.

The first job was to clear the path of compacted icy snow - with the postlady battling to get down our snowy lane we didn’t want her to end up in a first-class heap at our front door.  Plant supports that had not yet made it to the tool store were rounded up and hung in their rightful place and the store swept of errant leaves and compost.  Attempts at entering the greenhouses were thwarted by frozen doors but a glimpse through the frosted windows showed clearly that things were already spic and span - a recent rainy day providing the opportunity to get tidying while avoiding the elements.

The bird feeders were refilled with a variety of fatballs, sunflower hearts, and peanuts and then with frozen fingers and ruddied cheeks we decided to call it a day and return inside where where we could watch the antics of the feeding birds while a mug of tea thawed our frosted fingers.  It was a beautiful morning but the garden work just had to  wait for another day.