As worn by...

Last weekend it was World Naked Gardening Day and just for once the weather was kind to those busying with their borders in the buff.

Here at Genus we are of course quite obsessed with what people wear to garden in, whether, it’s their birthday suits or something more substantial. Thinking about the different ways people dress to garden, we pondered a little more, not about taking clothes off, but putting appropriate gardening clothes on.

Whilst some gardeners might make do with using old clothes for their outside working, there are many more gardeners who have realised the benefits of donning performance gardening kit and appreciate just how much it transforms their gardening experience. Monty Don wrote an article in the Daily Mail back in 2005 called Dirty Dressing about how gardening clothes must work for you.

A large proportion of our customers are professional gardeners and garden designers: the kinds of people who spend hours weeding, planting, digging, pruning, bending, stretching as well as carrying tools, seeds and twine. For these people Genus gardening clothes really fit the bill.

Some of those professional horticulturalists include well known names, who have been spotted wearing Genus gardening clothes on TV programme such as Gardeners World, at Chelsea, Kew and other important gardening venues.

Genus clothes are worn by:

Jekka McVicar; Helen Yemm; Tamsin Westhorpe; Claudia de Yong; Matthew Wilson; Christine Walkden; Judith Wilson; Esra Parr; Zephaniah Lindo

…and many others.