After the freeze

The milder weather we’ve been having over the last few days has enabled us to get on with the work that was postponed by the previous week's deep freeze.  With a bucket, a long handled brush, and a squirt of Fairy we were able wash down the greenhouse glazing both inside and out.  We hadn’t realised just how dirty the glass had become, but when we'd finished the whole greenhouse looked like a polished diamond and must have improved light transmission by 20%.

In the vegetable garden we still had several rows of wallfowers that had been sown last August.  We’d used all we needed and decided to pot on the excess ‘Fireking’, ‘Vulcan’, and ‘Sunset’, to give to friends and family and enable us to mulch the bed they were in.

Back in September we divided the iris and replanted them with extra space to encourage more flowering. Several of the rhizomes were too small to use and were planted out in one of the vegetable beds as a temporary nursery.  Now, wanting to free up the space, we lifted them to find that many had developed very healthy new root systems so we transferred them into 2 litre pots for use around the garden at a later date.

With the warm sun shining through the greenhouse glass and the birds chattering in the sycamores it felt that at last spring was finally on its way.