A new leaf bin

With the imminent arrival of autumn we thought we’d better construct a new bin for the abundance of fallen leaves that we get here at Genus HQ.  The upright wooden posts of the MK1 version had become rotten at ground level and a replacement was required.  We took the opportunity to move it nearer to the other two existing bins which thankfully is also nearer to the trees that drop the leaves.

Four metres long by one metre wide, holes were first made in the hard dry soil with a metal bar.  It was then a relatively simple, though warm job, to use a post rammer and to knock the upright poles eighteen inches into the ground.  Using small staples and a hammer the large-mesh wire was attached to each post and we worked our way around leaving the end of the wire open for access into the cage with a barrow.  Once filled we’ll secure the opening with electrical ties.

With the grass still growing the mowers are still earning their keep and the secateurs are still employed deadheading the dahlias, Tithonia, and Cosmos.  While the sun is still shining we’re desperately trying to cling on to the last remnants of summer.

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