A gardening bucket-list: 6 garden must-sees and must-haves

The Genus new edition gardening trousers come in three beautiful new colours. This is something that we have always wanted, and something that our customers have been asking us for. It's been the work of a couple of years to get these trousers to market including getting the fabric dyed to exactly the colours we designed. But now our customers, as well us those of us at Genus HQ, can choose a pair of gardening trousers in a colour that suits our mood. Getting something that we have always wanted got us thinking about other garden related wishes we had. What would our gardening bucket list look like? It seems our half dozen gardening wishes fall under three different headings:

Gardens to visit

  • Monet’s garden at Giverny has always been the garden we aspire to visiting, the complex colours in his garden have inspired us over the years, and it would be brilliant to experience this living work of art
  • The Lost Gardens of Heligan cover a thousand acres and fell into disrepair after WWI when the male workforce failed to return. Over 200 acres is now restored with the gardens holding the national collection of camellias

Plants to grow

  • Vanilla orchid just too delicious, but oh so difficult it’s never going to happen!
  • Jacaranda trees look absolutely stunning along the roadsides in some American, African and Australian towns

Garden luxuries

  • Garden hot tub what could be nicer than having a hot tub in the corner of the garden and spending time in bubbles looking out over the fruit of our labours?
  • A natural swimming pool would be a fantastic addition, not only looking good and providing a home for wildlife, but also a place to get fit and relax.

Perhaps we can only dream?