Vlog - The Plant-Based Podcast

In the newly revamped plant-based podcast, Michael and Ellen discuss everything from garden design to growing your own fruit and vegetables, with lots of tips along the way.  The pair invite interesting guests to share their knowledge on everything from breeding begonias to orchids.

The episode with Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens sees her sharing delicious recipes using home-grown produce, as well talking us through how she makes some of her own cosmetics such as lip balms, lotions, soaps and cleansers.  She’s so enthusiastic about the benefits, saying it’s less expensive and so much better for you, and she makes it sounds so simple!

In another item, allotmenter Richard Clove advises on everything from coping with slugs to great varieties of produce to grow.  He’s also a keen cook, so Michael and Ellen quiz him on how he’d cook various vegetables.  He’s put on the spot but comes up with some yummy ideas such as using raw Brussels in a salad with parmesan cheese and walnuts, grating apples into salad and using sugar snap peas raw in salad with a balsamic vinegar.  He loves squash and pumpkin and suggests adding chilli to butternut squash or using the squash in ravioli – it makes you want to rush off and get growing, and cooking!

The programme also has a Youtube spin off channel covering everything from allotment workouts to tips on patio planting and houseplant growing.  It’s fun and chatty, yet full of insights into the wonderful world of plants.