Veg and recipe - Asian shredded courgette and noodle salad

Shredded courgettes work well in salads.  And Asian salads with their spicy, tangy flavours and bright colours are fun and refreshing for the summer.

If you can shred or spiralise the courgettes, that saves time, otherwise, slice thinly.  Add other colourful, crunchy vegetables such as grated carrots, shredded cabbage, thinly-sliced red or orange peppers, radishes, bean sprouts and sugar snaps.

Next make your dressing by mixing together two or three tablespoons full of soy sauce, sesame oil and rice vinegar, then add other tasty ingredients you fancy such as crushed garlic, honey, grated ginger and chilli or chill sauce.

To turn this from a side dish to a main meal, add sautéed chicken slices, prawns or crunchy fried tofu (this is great fried in cornflour).  Add either white rice or noodles for bulk.  Then toss it all together.

For extra flavour, add a range of different garnishes from chopped spring onions to crushed peanuts or cashews.  This is a fun salad to serve to friends or family.  Why not line up the separate ingredients and everyone can put together their own salads.  Yum!