Technology in the garden - Vegebag

If you’re looking for extra growing space, either in a small garden or because you’ve already packed your garden to the rafters and want to squeeze in some salad leaves, this nifty product is a useful little garden extension for the patio.  The Vegebag, by Vegepod UK, was announced as the winner of the 2020 RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year at Virtual Chelsea 2020. 

It’s basically a container designed for growing one or two veggies at a time in a foot of soil.  It has a zip and a super fine mesh cover for weather and pest protection, boasting perfect growing conditions.  There are two sizes, small 65cm x 45cm perfect for leafy greens and herbs, and large, which is better for more hungry tomatoes and broccoli.  It has handles to move it around and can be compacted down when not in use.  It’s also easy to send through the post, so if you want to encourage a friend into gardening or want to encourage your grandchildren, this is a perfect gift.