Technology in the garden - Turning composter

There are so many benefits of composting such as improving your carbon footprint by recycling your kitchen and garden waste and producing your own compost to enrich your soil and grow healthy plants.  However, not everyone has the space for larger composter.  This is where the new turning composter from Hozelock may be the solution.

It’s a 2-in-1 composter that produces compost as well as liquid fertiliser.  It also claims to work three times faster than ordinary composters, and the lockable lid avoids the risk of vermin, insects and bad smells.

How does it work? First you add the waste into the hatch in the barrel- shaped sealed container before turning the drum to mix the ingredients.  Remember the 60:40 nitrogen to carbon rich waste ratio for the best results. Because this happens more frequently than with conventional compost heaps or piles, this introduces more air which helps to accelerate the composting process.

The compost can be ready in six to eight weeks, when you can roll the drum over to where you want to use the compost.  The other added bonus is that you can collect your compost juice from the tank under the composter and use this to fertilise your plants with the spray nozzle.