Technology in the garden - the latest tomato feed

With the recent shortages of tomatoes in the supermarket, there’s even more reason to grow your own this season.  The important thing with tomatoes is to get them growing and developing early enough to ripen before the sunny weather is over.

Tomatoes are hungry plants and the scientists at Westland have been busy researching ways of delivering tomato plants with everything they need to grow away quickly and develop into big juicy tomatoes.  The Westland Big Tom Super Tomato feed is claimed to give you a three times bigger yield of bigger, tastier tomatoes.  It’s packed with the essential nutrients needed to make great tasting tomatoes including higher NPK for the best growing results, extra magnesium and iron for healthy plants and seaweed to help roots grow healthy and strong.

The feed also boasts encouraging better root growth and a special wetting agent that improves water management and nutrient uptake so that the water and nutrients are quickly and easily absorbed into the compost and soil for longer.  This has been designed to use with the company’s peat-free planters and grow bags which use Plantsense technology so that the compost is more efficient than regular peat free composts.

You can also use the feed on your courgettes and cucumbers as well as in beds and borders for your flowers and fruit.  Feed every four to five days in a greenhouse or 10 to 14 when outdoors.  Make sure that the compost doesn’t dry out and remove side sheets for airflow around the plants.

It’s important not to over-fertilise as this can burn the leaves and remember to stop feeding late in the season before harvesting.