Technology in the garden - Shoot Garden Design

If you’ve been looking to improve the design of your own or a client’s garden, or simply redesign the planting in a border, gardening website, Shoot, could help save time and avoid expensive mistakes by helping you be more strategic about creating the garden of your dreams.

The membership-based website helps home gardeners and professional garden designers to plan and care for their gardens.  It allows you to use the garden design software to create plant lists using the extensive database of plants, trees and shrubs.  There’s lots of help with plant selection and choosing the right plant for the right place.  There’s also inspiration with plant lists from RHS Chelsea Flower Show show gardens and seasonal interest chart.

Once compiled, your list can turn it into mood boards at the press of a button.  It also has a really useful filter function so that you can see the colour palettes by season or by plant category.  This can then be turned into a care calendar with monthly emails from shoot, reminding you what to do that month.

The garden planner function allows you to measure your garden and plot it out so that you can plan it out strategically, easily working out how big you’d like different landscaped zones and planting beds to be.  If you already have a plan, you can import that and create planting plans onto it.  There are helpful video demonstrations, workshops as well as one-to-one tutorials, so learning the software is stress-free.

The Shoot team have worked with the gardening industry and horticultural community to help develop this user-friendly software for designers and gardeners who all share the same interest and passion for creating beautiful spaces to enhance lives.