Technology in the garden - Recycled scissors

A good pair of scissors is always useful for gardeners for cutting twine, snipping herbs or a spot of deadheading.  And the good news is Fiskars, makers of the iconic orange-handled scissors, have introduced a recycled version of their multi- purpose scissors, suitable for use in the garden as well as the home.

The scissors have the same popular ergonomic handles for comfort, and stainless steel blades for long lasting sharpness and durability, but are made from recycled materials, including the plastic used for the handles and the packaging, which is made from 100% recycled paper fibre.

Designed for right-handed use, the recycled scissors have grey handles and are 21cm in length.  So now you can help protect the planet and have a useful bit of kit at the same time.  And to be even more sustainable, look after them!  Here’s how:

  •  Wipe blades after use to prevents build-up of debris that can get caught in the pivot area and wash your scissors with soap and water, wiping them dry before using or storing.
  • Oil your best scissors/shears every once in a while at the screw and between the blades at the pivot area, wiping  away excess oil off the blades to prevent staining. 
  • Don’t force cutting, which damages the blades and alignment.  If it's too hard to make the cut, your scissors are too light or too blunt for the task.  Cut heavy things near the pivot, rather than the tips of the blades. 
  • Sharpen or replace blades for the best cutting performance.