Technology in the garden - Husk

We’re become increasingly conscious of minimising plastic, and sustainable companies such as Husk are making great strides in helping this happen.  A family-run business who have been on a mission for the last  20 years to make gardening a more eco-friendly sector, they make gorgeous pots that are perfect for those that hate plastic but don’t want to compromise on style. 

The range includes gorgeous plant pots, planters and vases, from small everyday pots to the more funky geometric ‘Roman’ pot.  There are cute muffin pots in pretty colours - perfect for a little sedum collection and round disk planters which would suit alpines and succulents.  There are also larger planters with a contemporary octagonal design that can sit side by side or be stacked to create a large two-tone pot as well as hanging pots and even a gorgeous swan shaped watering can.  The beautiful subtle pastel colours of dusky pink (blush), pale olive and neutrals look so good together you’ll want the whole collection. 

But the real beauty of these pots are that they are made from agricultural by-products, such as coffee husks, bamboo powder, nut husk, chaff and straw mixed with plant fibres - products that would otherwise be burnt.  These are mixed this with a non-toxic resin to create biodegradable composite. 

The pots are frost-proof and can go outside - though this may effect the life of the product.  They last around seven years before they start to become weak, although this can vary depending on how you look after the product.  When you want to dispose of them, all you need to do is crush them up as small as you can, bury them in the ground or put them on the compost heap and they’ll fertilise the soil.