Technology in the garden - dipping tanks

Collecting rainwater has become a priority for gardeners looking for sustainable ways to grow.  But while most water butts aren’t particularly attractive and tend to be hidden away behind a shed or in a side return, there are new dipping tanks that double up as attractive water features too.

The tanks are long slim troughs made of tough powder-coated aluminium, to prevent rust, and professionally TIG welded.  The fascia is treated timber and can be painted or stained to blend with individual tastes and needs.  The tank comes in various lengths from 60 to 150cm and needs to be positioned close to a gutter downpipe and attached with a diverter, or the water can run directly from the gutter.

The open-topped design makes it much easier to fill your watering can, rather than holding it under a tap as it gets heavier and heavier.  But it also allows the tank to become an attractive pond to attract wildlife, reflect light and create a cooling calmness on a hot day.

Additional features include trays for keeping soaking plants.  There are also shallow planting shelves that allow you to have pots of aquatic plants just a few inches under the water.

As a raised pond, the tanks also make an ideal goldfish pond.  You can incorporate the sounds of water with a blade-style waterfall feature.  There’s even a living wall kit.  The tanks can also be linked together if you’d like tanks for different uses.