Technology in the garden - cordless hedge trimmers

If your hedges need a trim, cordless hedge trimmers are a great investment and avoid balancing dangerously on top of a ladder with a pair of shears in hand.

A mains-powered trimmer may well do the job if your hedges are close enough to the house.  However, where the hedges are further away, a battery model avoids the hassle of extension cords.  And the technology has improved on cordless trimmers with batteries lasting longer and being more powerful.  (Around an hour ideally.)

When it comes to blades, look for models with longer blades if you have tall hedges, as they have a bigger sweep – though these tend to be single sided.  If you have a large quantity of hedges to tackle, double-sided cutters are quicker as they allow you to trim in a back-and-forth motion.  And larger teeth are better if you need to cut through larger branches.  Stihl have some good models with larger teeth and long reach handles.

Weight is also an important consideration – trimmers are tiring so if you’re looking for something lightweight, Bosch Universal, for example, have some lightweight models - unless you want to sacrifice weight for other benefits such as rotating handles, more power or being able to cut through thick branches.

Finally, look for telescopic trimmers if you have a variety of different hedge heights.  Whichever trimmer you decide upon, make sure there aren’t any nesting birds and, if there are, delay the job until the nest is abandoned.  And make sure you wear all the right safety equipment such as safety glasses and gloves.