Our vlog pick - Huw Richards: Grow Food Organically

Huw is only in his early twenties, but he has been creating YouTube videos on veg growing since he was 12 and is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  His hands-on advice on growing your own organic vegetables, from sowing seeds to maximising your garden’s productivity, is inspiring – especially for the younger generation.  I like his unconventional approach to vegetable gardening, avoiding rules and trying things for himself.

He has masses of tips on saving money by making your own compost, saving seeds and focusing on growing crops such as green leafy vegetables, that are most expensive to buy (He has written a book called Grow Food for Free).  He’s also a great advocate of successional planting, popping extra lettuces around runner beans, or beetroot into empty gaps.  His time-saving hacks are great too – such as lazy ways of growing potatoes under hay and cutting down runner beans and letting them grow back the following year, how to water your veg less or using a cut off plastic milk carton as a scoop for compost.  I’ve made one already – perfect.