Garden trends - relax in a swinging seat

Laid-back swinging seats are the height of fashion this summer and a great way of creating a holiday vibe in the garden.  Designers are increasingly incorporating everything from hammocks to egg chairs into their plans to help people chill out in their outdoor space.

Lying back in a hammock and swinging from side to side is particularly relaxing.  Hammocks are also popular with children - tempting them away from screens and into the garden.  The simplest way of hanging hammocks is between two sturdy trees, around 3m apart, where you can look up at the leaves and sky.  But a few oak posts professionally installed into the lawn or over planting is an increasingly popular way of hanging them, as are purpose-built metal or wooden pergolas.  Alternatively, hammock stands can be moved into shade or sun or nestled behind lush planting.

A more contemporary option is the egg chair - a cocoon-like seat that can be hung from a tree or pergola but more typically has a freestanding frame, making a stylish feature in the garden.  They’re available in everything from rattan, (Aldi do an inexpensive one) to bamboo or wood and often come with cosy fitted cushions.  Or for a more classic look, wooden swinging chairs that seat from two to five people often have their own stand but can be hung from mature trees and work well at the side of a path looking out over a lawn or country views.

Whatever you choose, a swing chair is the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon, gently rocking in the summer breeze with a good book and a cool drink - you'll never want to leave it.