Garden trends - greenhouse for living

Having a greenhouse in the garden for growing tomatoes, sowing seeds and extending your growing season is ever-popular.  But as well as this, people are increasingly using greenhouses for other ‘lifestyle’ activities such as dining and relaxing.   

‘Many customers, who are still serious gardeners, are using their greenhouses in a more multifaceted way, says Tom Barry CEO of Hartley Botanics. ‘We are seeing customers introducing ‘relaxation’, ‘dining’ and ‘lifestyle’ elements into their greenhouse use.’

In particular, there seems to be a growing trend for greenhouses doubling up as a dining space, or for morning or evening relaxing with sofas.  You could even create a calm place for painting or yoga.  This allows you to benefit from being out in your garden and seeing nature all around you but with protection from the rain and wind - perfect for our English weather. 

The appealing indoor/outdoor feel can be increased with attractive rustic furniture such as a farmhouse table and dresser, floral cushions, lamps and a brick or stone floor.  Just make sure you leave enough room for your plants!  As well as beds for growing mediterranean fruit and vegetables, exotic plants in containers, grape vines and lemon trees will all enjoy the warmth and look good too.

Well-placed greenhouses capture the warmth of the day’s sun but bear in mind, they are single-glazed structures so you’ll need electricity for heating in the colder winter months - you could even fit a wood burner for extra cosiness.