Body, soul and gardening - garden seating

Whether it’s for a moment’s pause or a longer rest, a variety of seating in multiple areas of the garden allows you some calming time out.

Mornings and evenings are good times to take a break.  An east-facing seat is perfect for breakfast - put a few pots of blueberries or strawberries nearby for fresh berries to add to your cereal.  A west-facing seat is perfect for an evening drink, lovely behind a bed of backlit ornamental grasses and tall perennials.  For warm, sultry evenings, you might want a bench big enough to scatter cushions and sheepskins for lounging after dark.  Some subtle lighting makes for magical shadows and helps light pathways.

Working out what parts of the garden gets the most sun, especially at hotter times of the day, is important.  As well as sun-seeking, it’s relaxing to have somewhere cool to read on a scorching day.  So, consider placing a bench where it might get some soothing, fluttering dappled shade.  Another option is a seat under an arbour covered in roses and jasmine.

And think about your views, even in a small garden this can be done by choosing a particular angle so you look across a garden rather than at the opposite fence, or you might prefer somewhere enclosed and secret.

A simple bench is good for a pause while a low armchair can look less formal and more inviting, a place where you can settle in.  There’s a huge range of materials, from soft, tactile wood to antique metal or more modern plastics – the important thing is that the seat looks inviting and as though it belongs.  Nestle your seat into planting and you’ll be immersed in interesting textures, colours and scents to distract you from worries and soothe your soul.