The revival of great gardening programmes on TV in 2015

That’s it then, we have reached Twelfth Night which means Christmas and all the associated festivities are now all well and truly finished for another year.  What’s to look forward to now?

Having had a good look through the TV listings for the remaining winter evenings, we noticed that there are quite a number of interesting looking programmes for gardeners appearing on the horizon.  The Telegraph picked up on this trend too, and their recent article claims the “novel move” to show gardening programmes out of season is a result of the popularity of home-spun reality TV (e.g. The Great British Bakeoff) and new viewing habits that mean we’ll be watching these programmes later on in the year using catch-up platforms.

The very best thing about some of the new programmes is that they’ll be featuring some really inspirational gardeners gardening in their favourite spaces.  This rash of programmes starts this week with the BBC's Great British Garden Revival.

The first episode features Judith Wilson, at Wickham Place Farm.  Judith has spent a good deal of love, blood sweat and tears transforming her garden in Essex into a wonderland of climbers, particularly wisteria.  The garden hosts what is claimed to be the biggest Wisteria sinensis in Britain stretching over 70 metres.  The very best thing about the TV feature on Judith, is that she will be sporting Genus Performance Gardenwear!  Look out for the clothes and just how comfy Judith looks in this technical brand!

We can’t really contain our excitement that Genus clothes are gaining a loyal gardener customer base and are likely to turn up on TV more than once this year. All we can say is “Keep ‘em peeled” whilst watching!