Gardening blogs

Woooooh! Spring seems to have sprung and suddenly there seems to be even less time in the day to get everything done than ever before. This last month has whizzed by: there has been the wakening Genus garden to attend to; taking delivery of the new Genus garden clothing stock; and of course, our big new venture this year …. planning the Genus Hampton Court stand.

The challenge has been to sit still and write another entry of the Genus blog. Sat in front of the screen, it has been interesting this week to look at other influential garden bloggers and what they are managing to find time to write about.

Just getting going with the new gardening season are those blogging about garden visits like the Galloping Gardener, or Welly Woman who also writes of other natural places as well as other people’s gardens

The very busiest of bloggers in this season are those providing a glimpse into the seasons unfolding in their own gardens with hints and tips on growing like Joanne’s Cottage, The Middle Sized Garden and Rambling in the Garden or the grow your own tipsters such as Vertical Veg who concentrate on telling readers all about how to grow food in containers.

Then there are the more eclectic bloggers mixing gardening thoughts, with recipes, product testing, and other personal passions, like the beer brewing and veg growing exploits of Two Thirsty Gardeners; random garden academica from Noel; garden style from Fennel and Fern; and lots of personal gardening adventures from Veg Plotting

Such a wide variety of blogging personalities and points of view. Tips for learner gardeners, garden views of changing seasons, and gardening as lifestyle. The one gap perhaps is a blog that focuses on the gardener rather than the garden and gardening. Hopefully that's a gap we fill with our offerings?