Christmas gifts for gardeners

It’s getting to look a lot like that time of year! We have been really busy here in the Genus packing shed over the last week, as the rush to get gardeners their great gifts of performance gardening clothes for Christmas got into full swing.

It’s just amazing to think how much Christmas gifting has changed over the years. Something like 90% of people in Britain do some or all of their Christmas shopping on line. The average Christmas spend for a family in Britain this year is estimated at around £800 most of which is spent on gifts. As a nation, an incredible £16 billion of Christmas spending is expected to boost the economy. Whilst Britons spend less on toys and games, they spend more on clothing, books and sports gear.

Garden centres ring the changes. They no longer confine their Christmas sales to just Christmas trees and decorations, but, like our local Burford garden centre, hold Christmas markets and offer a full range of Christmas gifts for gardeners and their gardens. And with many of them, you needn’t even travel to the garden centre to buy – you can do it on-line.

The range of gifts for gardeners has really increased, everything from essential tools and accessories such as forks and garden trugs, through to novelty plants (e.g. a “grow your own beer plant” and “grow your own truffle tree”?) and collections of seeds, as well as items for managing the garden harvest such as herb dryers or berry pickers. Some are probably more welcome under the Christmas tree than others! The Telegraph spotted some very weird offerings including zombie gnomes intended to create a “lawn of the dead”, and battery operated heated socks (not sure how you would wash those)!

So whether an enthusiastic gardener or a gardening novice there seems to be something for everyone. We have to say though, that nothing beats our Genus gardening clothes and accessories as the perfect gift for the serious gardener in your life. Happy Christmas!