Andy Adams in Genus

Catherine sent us this picture showing her husband wearing Genus from top to toe, along with a description of his gardening life. In return, we sent her a voucher for a £50 discount off any item in the Genus range.  We welcome more contributions like this from customers.
My husband Andy lives in the beautiful scenery of the Malvern Hills.  He took on the huge project in his retirement of creating a new garden on a challenging sloping site.
He has spent several years working on creating and maintaining  the garden  - sometimes from dawn until dusk.  It has been a lot of hard work but a life enhancing creative project.
In the early days, like many of us, he would wear old cast off clothes for his gardening but soon discovered that they are not up to the job.  He had admired the practical, hard wearing and stylish Genus Clothing worn by Professional Gardeners when visiting Open Gardens.  Having bought his first trousers he found out for himself that they really enhanced his gardening pleasure.  Keeping him cool in the heat of summer and warm in the winter.  The robust, comfortable clothes also enable  a full range of movement and protection when tackling difficult jobs.
He is also happy wearing his Genus clothing on days off when visiting Open Gardens or walking on the hills.
Andy has continued to add to his collection of tops and shorts and I have pinched a pair of his shorts for myself!