5-Reasons - Brenda

We ran a competition in the May 2023 issue of the Genus Potpourri magazine.  5 reasons to love Genus trousers.  Brenda won a Genus voucher for £50.

1. Wearability - Comfortable, durable and practical, the Genus trousers have it all. So much nicer to wear for gardening than jeans.
2. Timesaving - I don’t have keep looking for my phone, my secateurs or my kneeler as Im wearing them all!
3. Cost Saving - Since I started wearing the Genus trousers, my wardrobe has breathed a sigh of relief as all my other clothes are now being worn as intended, for less rough outings than gardening!
4. Less Laundry - Before I discovered Genus, I was gardening in clean trousers every day as they held the mud on them, so forever doing laundry. Genus seems to repel most of the dirt.
5. It’s my uniform -  Even though I’m an hobbyist gardener, when Im wearing my Genus trousers I actually feel like a ‘proper’ gardener and more focused on doing a good job.


NB:  I was wearing my Genus trousers last week taking part in a Village Community Project, when a fellow volunteer approached me and commented on us both wearing Genus trousers.

We both agreed they were a great investment and really comfortable, practical clothes! Quite the Genus Club Members, I thought!