New Leaf

It's two weeks later than in previous years, but the leaves have started falling and our work is cut out for the next few weeks.  The large stands of sycamore that punctuate each end of the garden are the first to drop followed by our two horse chestnuts, while several birch and a large field maple colour up beautifully  before slowly dropping their leaves on the orchard lawn.  A rake is our tool of choice for the majority of the work with the leaves transferred to a large garden sack for transportation to the leaf mould bins.

We have three of these wire enclosures allowing us to let the leaves break down over two years before mixing them with some of our homemade compost spreading the mix as a mulch on the borders.  After more than ten years of carrying out this operation our easily worked soil is unrecognisable from the wet, heavy, clay that we inherited on moving in here.

Other areas of the garden are getting attention too; we are slowly making progress in the borders cutting back where required and making room for tulips and wallflowers which will be planted in a few weeks time.  Heading into the depths of winter there’s still plenty of work to be done and a new projects to be completed.