In the Genus Night Garden

With over 2,500 moth species in the UK we thought we’d try and see what lurked in the Genus HQ garden at night.  So we set up a light trap which comprises a funnelled collecting box with an ultraviolet bulb attached overhead.  Attracted by the light, the moths fall through the funnel where they rest on cardboard egg crates until the morning.

It seems our garden homes quite a healthy population.  Dusky thorn, Black Rustic, Common Wainscot, Lunar Underwing, Setaceous Hebrew Character, and Large Yellow Underwing; all these wonderful names made an appearance- some in quite large numbers.

What we were secretly after was a Clifden Nonpareil, a dull looking moth with beautiful blue underwings. This large moth is an immigrant brought in from the continent by favourable winds and until recently was quite a rare sight; only 17 have been spotted in the county this year. Alas, none to be seen.  If only we could have added to the records.